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GPA is, perhaps, the most frequently used word by students at the end of every semester. Is GPA high enough? How can I improve my GPA? What's the GPA necessary to enter the college of my dream? These and many other GPA-related questions can be easily answered once you calculate your GPA with our free online tool!

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I've already seen a lot of information about GPA here and there already and how a lot of college and university students have their GPA somewhere between 3 and 4, and so on. What is GPA actually about and how am I supposed to calculate it?

Answer: Grade Point Average - here are the three words that hide behind the GPA abbreviation. This is a typical way of weighing up the college progress in the United States of America. In other words, things are going this way: every course is provided with a particular "credits" or "units" number, depending on the academic course content. When it comes to the secondary school, most academic courses comprise the same units number, but it does not work in case of the college education. Almost all college courses include three units (nearly 6 hours or home assignments and three hours of lectures every week for every semester). Nonetheless, the number may vary from one to more than five. GPA is based on the grading scale that is built of A, B, C, D, F. Every grade is provided with certain grade points. When it comes to the A grade, it gets 4 points, while B receives 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0. Whether you're dealing with the college or the secondary grades, the procedure remains the same. If a student takes the three unit class and gets an A, he or she gets three units times four points (for A). Thus, he or she receives 12 grade points total for academic course. Let's imagine, you take a four unit class (like in Math, for instance) and get a C. So, what you've got is the four unites times two points for eight points. This way, you receive 20 grade points for the two classes of yours (for seven units.) Then you are supposed to divide the accumulated grade points by the units number and voila - here comes your GPA! In other words, it looks like this: 20/7=2.86 (2.86 is your GPA) that's a bit less than a B average.

To Calculate College GPA You Have to Know What It Is

Your Grade Point Average or GPA is the average of all your grades received throughout your degree. It usually ranges from 0 to 4.0, with zero being the lowest value and 4.0 the highest. Failing grades are also taken into account, which means that if you accumulate too many of them you will have real trouble improving your situation. There is also such thing as CGPA or cumulative grade point average, which is the calculation of the average of all your earned points divided by the maximum possible number of points. In addition to that, GPA may be unweighted (which means that all the classes with the same total number of credits have the same influence) and weighted (which means that some classes influence the result more than others).

How We Can Help You

Our college GPA calculator allows you to get a very clear idea of what your current GPA is, without having to wait for the end of the year or semester. In this sense, it serves as a very good estimator of both your current position and the amount of hours you have to put in to move higher on the scale. Somebody may say that in order to improve your position you don't need to calculate college GPA, you have to work harder - but the answer to any problem is never to work harder, it is to work smarter. For example, with the help of our online calculator you can find out not only your current college GPA, but also exactly what you need to improve it. For example, you may improve your score by getting a single credit in a particular class - knowing this makes for much better conversion of effort into result than if you just work harder on everything.

When Can Our GPA Calculator Be Useful?

With our GPA calculator college life can be made easier for virtually anyone. Whether you study at a community college or a university, it can serve as a converter of your GPA to 4.0 scale, immediately making it obvious what your current situation is and showing the areas where you can improve it most effectively. For example, you may see that you have two semesters to go and have a certain desired grade. You can see that to improve it you have to get at least B plus in two classes or one A minus per semester, and plan your efforts accordingly. As a result, you can use our calculator not just as your current college GPA finder and tracker but in a number of other qualities:

  • As a generator of ideas on whats to be done to raise your GPA compared to previous results;
  • You can to plan your grade;
  • To form a realistic plan for the rest of your time at college;
  • To learn if you are eligible for this or that scholarship or Honors program.

So, if you ask yourself "Should I know my GPA?", the answer is most certainly "Yes". Those students who have a clear idea of their current standing have better opportunities of building meaningful plans for the future and bringing these plans to life. Our GPA calculator is a powerful tool that will help you find out in advance your chances of success - and it is completely free, so there is no good reason not to try it out.