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At Collegegpacalc.com, we're a group of enthusiastic professionals specialized in creating top quality free tools for the college and university students.

The main purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive online GPA calculator, which is absolutely free and easy to use!


At Collegegpacalc.com, we recognize the ever-changing needs of college students, who expect excellent content and need to know the cumulative GPA together with the weighted and unweighted GPA. By providing an outstanding customer experience and free tools used to determine your current or future hypothetical GPA, we see the difference our service makes for thousands of college and university students.

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Our GPA Calculator will help you to calculate your average or final grade, to review and analyze your GPA score, as well as anticipate what GPA you need to achieve the desired CGPA. Used to estimate GPA based on the students' anticipated performance, our online calculator is very efficient and accurate to work with. You do not need to be a wizard to make use of the tool! Plus, the calculator doesn't need you to download anything to be able to work with it at any time you want. It's a real helping hand for both a personal and professional use. Make sure to learn more on how to calculate or raise GPA and get a hold of in what way you should change your overall academic performance to rock your very last examination.