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Before submitting the final calculations, a student should find out how much each course or subject values. Such information is revealed in detail in the syllabus your professor or course officer gave to you. Otherwise, there is always a second option is to proceed with calculations online using designated tools. Let’s understand how to calculate your grade with no trouble and make sure you are all on the same page with your examiners.

Final Grade: From Where Can You Get It?

When a student is about to graduate from high-school, college or other institution, he probably struggles with his grades. In some minds, the final grade is something that may dictate the future occupation, perspectives, and even salary. Accordingly, such students face stress and depression. It is not a good way to boost self-esteem. You have to first understand, that final grade is nothing than an established scientific indicator of your overall knowledge. The knowledge you got from visiting some courses or subjects. Thus, if you worry that it is kind of a stamp, do not panic, there are still chances to impress the examiners or employers.

So, you can get this grade when writing or passing the final exam. It can be a practical test that requires you to demonstrate some skills. Usually, it is not hard if you visited classes, and studied the syllabus where the tips are explained. Then, when your final grade is at hand, it is high time to think about the future. There are a few ways. You can pursue studying, you can forget about it once and forever as a burden, or you can apply for a job and demonstrate the scores.

Keep in mind, a student should always pay attention to the semester subjects as well that, in turn, leed to a semester grade. It is obtained from all your visited classes during the semester. In fact, such grades will vary depending on the educational establishments. Accordingly, there may be variations in credit counts. For example, Biology will have 2 credits, while Mathematics 4 credits. They are calculated separately.

To make it simple for users, they may use our online calculators, where they have to input their desired and current grades, and weight of final. As a result, it will precisely calculate the grade and you will have a full picture of what to expect when graduating.

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What Else Can Matter?

When your exam is about to come, a student can overview of his overall status and whether he is doing well. Sometimes, the final exam is not everything that may help to choose the future occupation. If you regularly check what are your grades on subjects, it may show you what fields are the easiest for you and where you can further succeed.

Keep in mind, when you pick up the courses, choose the hardest ones. For instance, if you have all the A’s, it is only half the way. The examiners may see what were the courses, what was their value, and decide whether they need you as a student or worker. So, if you have B’s but the evaluation of advanced courses is A’s, the institution will pay attention mostly to the last factor.

And, of course, one tip for those who cannot stand studying and keep on lagging behind. Make sure, your grade is more than 2.0 as per the GPA grading system. Otherwise, you will miss the whole year or will be obliged to skip opportunities entering the top universities of the country.

Is It So Important?

Even though you may doubt the necessity of your grades they do matter in a real life. For example, it is a perfect solution for examiners to access students’ abilities without requiring another exam or test. And, of course, it saves their time twice. If you plan to enter one of the top 50 colleges in the USA, your final grade should correspond to the highest metrics. Each college reveals information about the passing score on their website. However, if you have good grades in overall tests but your final grade does not boast excellence, you can still impress the commission with your creativity and personality.

The same story is within the employers. If a person graduates from the university and does not have working experience, most probably the employer will ask to take a look at his final grades. It will be a basic indicator of how good he can perform. Thus, if you are a complete lazybones, try to boost the grades as much as possible. They will remain essential for a long time, and will definitely affect the scholarship intentions. Scholarship in some places requires a 4.0 score. But, again you can attach your motivational letter and persuade them to enroll you.

Please note, modern education does not fully match knowledge with certificates. Especially, it happens in the events when students study only for receiving A’s but not for food for thought. Imagine the situation when you enter the university of your dream, and your final grade was even enough to have free tuition. But, when the semester starts you lack organization and basic information about chosen subjects. Why? Because you studied to get the highest grade only, you learn, you pass, you learn new details, you pass them. That’s it.

To avoid such consequences, it is worth learning the material to possess key information on your preferred subjects to climb up the career ladder instead of running and collecting the medals of A’s in your diploma. So, the final grade is not an accurate measurement of knowledge but an indicator of your standard organization of studying process, a factor that lifts or lowers you in the queue of applicants, and a matter that may boost or minimize your self-esteem.

Exams Are Done, and My Final Grade is On Hands, What Is the Next?

If you ask this question, let us congratulate you on writing your exam. Now, it is high time to plan your future precisely and decide on what extra helpers may contribute to either you’re entering the college or university of your dreams or applying for a high-paying job. Again, both options will greatly depend on the final grades. For instance, if you passed all the exams with excellence, there are more doors open for you. But, do never think that big corporations such as Google or Apple will like to see the list of your grades. That’s why previously we mentioned that a person should study to have a library in his mind rather than a library of grades on a paper. So, now think about impressing the educational institutions or employers with a good CV, motivational letter, or scholarship essay.

Grading System

As far as the grading system differs within educational institutions, we will explain the basic one that involves the percentage point system.

Letter Grade Percentile GPA
A+ 97-100 4.0
A 93-96 4.0
A- 90-92 3.7
B+ 87-89 3.3
B 83-86 3.0
B- 80-82 2.7
C+ 77-79 2.3
C 73-76 2.0
C- 70-72 1.7
D+ 67-69 1.3
D 65-66 1.0
F Below 65 0.0


Another factor that may bother the students is extra points. Some professors tend to give extra assignments aimed to boost the students’ grades. For instance, it can give a 5% boost in the grade. Otherwise, a professor determines on his own how much each assignment may cost. But, the possible maximum is of 50 points and accordingly, there is a maximum of 5% boost in the grade.

How to Start Calculating?

Nowadays, there are a few ways to proceed with acknowledging approximate or precise final grades. Thus, to calculate them, it is possible to use ordinary calculators by following a dedicated formula Goal = ( Required – (100% − Final Weight) x Current ) / Final Weight. Otherwise, a student can use our online calculator that will make this procedure as easy as ABC. Just input your approximate or current data, and generate the final grade.

Example 1

  • Desired Grade = 80%
  • Current Grade = 70%
  • Weight of Final = 50%

Formula: Desired grade-(100% – weight)×current grade/ weight

80-(100-50)×70/50 = 90

Thus, at the final exam, a student has to get 90%.

Example 2 = Pre final grade calculations

Let’s also check another option. For example, John has 4 categories of tasks that sum up his final grade. The first group includes 3 small tasks worth 15%. The second one involves a large project worth 25%. And, at last, he has a midterm and final examination that are both worth 30%.

John received the scores 6/10, 4/5, and 15/20 in his three tasks, 70% on his project, and 25/40 midterm. Now, he wants to find out his current score before passing the final examination. It will help him to understand what grade will be perfect.

  • He should divide the score given for each task by the approximate score for each task.
  • Add the scores given for each task.
  • Add the approximate scores for each task.
  • Divide the given scores by the approximate scores. The answer is decimal.




  • Multiply the decimal by 100.

0.7142x 100=71.42%

As a result, John knows what he received in the task category.

To understand the percentage of his midterm exam, John has to divide 25 by 40. And multiply the answer by 100.

25/40 = 0.625×100=62.5%

Now, John sees that he has 71.42% in his course, which is equivalent to C- per GPA calculations. It means that he needs to boost the studying process to pass the final exam and combine the percentages to possess an opportunity to fulfill his dreams of a high-paying job or the best college.

To avoid manual calculations, find out an accurate GPA grade or raise it, our service provides advanced online calculators for various purposes.