How to Calculate College GPA: an Easy Way to Learn Your Academic Standing |

How To Calculate GPA

Where do you intend to be in 5 year's time? In 10 year's time? How much do you intend to earn each year? Whats your career going to be like? As it turns out, you don't need a fortune-teller to answer these questions - or at least to give a very good prediction. According to statistics, one's annual income and speed of promotion are quite tightly tied together with this person's GPA. Which means that if you plan to succeed in life you should start with planning to get as high a GPA as possible. If you want to do that, you have to first know where you are right now - and, therefore, how to calculate college GPA.

How to Calculate GPA in College

GPA stands for Grade Point Average and is calculated by dividing the overall number of points you've attempted throughout your degree by the total number of credit hours you've attempted. GPA's value is defined on the scale from 0 to 4. It may sound fairly simple, but in truth things are somewhat more complicated, and even if you understand how to calculate GPA college score in theory, it may be rather hard to do without some additional help. You should take into account many various aspects, figure out the difference between weighted and unweighted GPA, current and cumulative GPA and so on. In most cases, you will receive a much quicker and more precise results by using our online GPA calculator - it is free, it is quick and will give you answers you can start to work with immediately.

GPA: Terminology and Ambiguities

If you've tried to learn how to calculate GPA in college before, you have already stumbled upon many different terms that make finding out a final result such a pain.
Unweighted GPA means that all classes you take at school are considered equal when it comes to calculating the GPA, and their relative difficulty isn't taken into account. As a result, an A+ in a low-level class will be of the same value as an A+ in the most difficult class you take this semester. Knowing this may be extremely useful: you may drastically improve your overall GPA by earning a few credits in a few more accessible classes, thus getting a higher return on effort you've invested into them. Weighted GPA, on the contrary, means that the system takes into account not just your grades but the difficulty of each particular class as well. It makes learning how to correctly calculate college GPA in your case much harder, and you may find it useful to apply our calculator as a converter of your grades into the standard GPA 4.0 scale.

Why You Should Know Your Current GPA

Your current GPA is, as should be clear from its name, the average of your grades during your current semester. In other words - it is the part of GPA that you can actively influence. Knowing how to calculate your current college GPA gives you an immediate insight into how much work you have to do to raise your GPA by this or that number of points, whether this increase is viable at all, which classes you should concentrate on and so on. It may be useful in a number of ways:

  • To motivate yourself - when you see the tangible results of your work you are more inclined to put effort into it;
  • As a finder of the most promising areas of application for your effort - you may choose which subjects you should put more time into;
  • For conversion of your current grades into the standard GPA scale.

GPA defines your academic standing from middle school onwards, it is a very good indication of the future success of your career, it is a scale by which you can evaluate your progress. This means that if you want to control your academic performance and achieve certain goals you simply have to learn how to calculate your current and cumulative GPA in college. Otherwise, you will just be moving on blindly, without knowing how much more you have to go. Don't ask yourself "Should I learn my GPA?". Ask "Do I care about my studies"? If you do, don't wait any longer and take your academic progress in your own hands - enter your grades into our calculator, get your current GPA and set about improving it. Our service is free, the interface is intuitive and results are as close to real as possible.