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Raising your GPA looks too terrifying an experience if you don't know your overall score and the don't see the clear picture. Our GPA calculator lets you know the cumulative GPA and notice the weighted and unweighted GPA. With this knowledge you'll get one step closer to the college of your dream.
In order to raise my GPA
points, if I maintain a
average GPA, it will take ?? additional credits.
I am taking
credits this semester. If I want to raise my GPA
points, I need a ?? GPA average on all my courses this semester.

If you want to get somewhere, you should know two things: where exactly you want to be and where you are right now. Only after you've established these two factors can you start planning how you are going to get from here to there, decide how hard and how fast it is likely to be and understand what exactly you have to do to achieve your desired final result. When it comes to academic performance, both your current and desired position are defined in terms of GPA or Grade Point Average - your average grade throughout the evaluated period at school or college. In a sense, GPA (determined on the scale from 0 to 4.0) is your entire academic performance boiled down to one value - and this value is much more important than many may have been led to believe. To learn how to raise GPA score means to considerably improve your chances of successfully reaching graduation and getting a good job. In addition to that, it is GPA that is used to determine whether you are eligible for many scholarships, honors programs and suchlike. Hundreds of students ask themselves every day "How do I raise my GPA?" The answer is always the same - find what it is now and work from there.

Raise My GPA? How?

If you want to learn how to raise your GPA, the first step you need to take is learning what all the terms accompanying it mean. There is current GPA and cumulative GPA, or CGPA. To calculate the value of your current GPA, you only take the data on the classes during the current semester. In other words, you can influence it here and now. Cumulative GPA is the value covering your entire academic career, calculated using GPAs from all the semesters. Once a semester is completed, its GPA is forever etched into your academic history, and there is nothing to be done about it - you can only improve the average by earning more credits later on.

Then there is weighted and unweighted GPA. The former means that some classes you take influence the overall GPA more and some less - depending on their difficulty. The latter means that every single one of the classes is considered equal, and you can earn the same number of credits by getting a high grade in any of them.

Using Our Calculator to Improve Your GPA

Our Raise GPA calculator is a free and easy-to-use online tool that can be used for conversion of your current grades into your current GPA. In addition to serving as a fairly accurate predictor of what results you can expect by the end of the year, it is helpful to set goals and build plans towards achieving them. You can, for example:

  • Find and choose subjects that need just a few more credits to positively influence your GPA;
  • Use it as a tracker of your performance - when you see how your efforts influence your academic results you are much more motivated to work hard in future;
  • You can plan your undergraduate classes in advance. For example, even before a semester starts you can use our converter to find out what your GPA is going to be if you get this or that grade for a particular class. It helps you plan in which classes to put the most effort.

A Smart Way to Achieve Academic Excellence

The secret to academic (and any other, for that matter) achievement is not to put as many hours as possible into your work and do everything in your sight indiscriminately. It is to find whats really important and what is going to contribute most towards your results and concentrate your effort on it. This is exactly why it is so important to use our calculator to calculate your path before you attempt to raise your GPA. Our calculator acts exactly as a finder of the most promising opportunities to improving your results - and you can use it for free, no strings attached. Whether you are in your senior year or just start out, you will benefit through regular use of this tool. If you ask yourself "How do I raise my GPA"?, using our calculator will give you the answer. You will be able to single out credits that are the easiest to receive, calculate how many hours you will have to dedicate to each class and what grade you can expect as a result. In studying, just like in any other endeavor, knowing your current position is half the job - and it is exactly what our calculator can help you with.